Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Visionary Art and Transformational Festivals

One of our upcoming events - Visionary Nanotech on Sep 30 and art exhibition to follow on Oct 8 to Nov 5 has us stoked to share what this is all about and to host it!

Digital artist Shaun Friesen (whom we are proud to represent) as well as Jay Michael we have been working very closely with us for this event and exhibition have a wide experience on visionary art and electronic music. They participated at the Shambhala Festival both with their music and fractal art Evolved dome.

Their newest and upcoming project - Visionary Nanotech will feature Bluetech, Lorne B, Jay Michael and Treblesum as well as leading visionary artists.

To explain a bit more about Visionary Art and these transformational festivals, have a look at this TEDxVancouver video and look for:

- 2:21 - #34 on the map is the Inshala Festival 
- 5:42 - 5:58 Autumn Sky Morrison is the live painter who will be in town
- 21:49 -22:06 Jay and Shaun's Evolved Dome