Friday, May 20, 2011

Endeavor versus Endeavour

So I've had complaints - actually one person left a very nasty message insulting my intelligence and my ability to function as a credible member of society...  For the record we registered both and - one is a mirror of the other, but both work.  So why did we go with Endeavor over Endeavour?  Here were my reasons:
  • Endeavour is known primarily for the famous ocean faring ship or NASA shuttle, when you google that spelling results overwhelmingly point towards the space program -
  • I pride myself on spelling correctly, and still religiously use 'colour', 'neighbour' and various other UK spellings, despite the spell checker's constant reminder that I'm doing it wrong.  I don't, however, use 'tyre' or 'aluminium'.  That said, I'm not completely convinced the choice to go one way or another is important in this world of globalization (or is it globalisation?).  In the end we want a name that gets the point across and is easy to remember - which brings me to my final point...
  • Endeavor is more used and recognized in Alberta...  Check this out:,+endeavour&geo=can&sa=N
Not us!

So there you have it.  Believe it or not, every few weeks I experience a pang of regret that I didn't go with the other spelling!  If you have comments or complaints, please send them to ;)

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