Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lego QR code

My Lego QR code - incidentally it doesn't work to switch the dark colour for the light...

I bought a blue 32x32 plate and found enough single whites in the Lego store overflow bin to make this. Eventually I'd like to fill in the black, but they don't have any way to buy them in bulk except online for 30c per piece. That would turn this $30 project into a $100 one.

Code should take you to our Gallery website

Lego QR Code

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Visionary Art and Transformational Festivals

One of our upcoming events - Visionary Nanotech on Sep 30 and art exhibition to follow on Oct 8 to Nov 5 has us stoked to share what this is all about and to host it!

Digital artist Shaun Friesen (whom we are proud to represent) as well as Jay Michael we have been working very closely with us for this event and exhibition have a wide experience on visionary art and electronic music. They participated at the Shambhala Festival both with their music and fractal art Evolved dome.

Their newest and upcoming project - Visionary Nanotech will feature Bluetech, Lorne B, Jay Michael and Treblesum as well as leading visionary artists.

To explain a bit more about Visionary Art and these transformational festivals, have a look at this TEDxVancouver video and look for:

- 2:21 - #34 on the map is the Inshala Festival 
- 5:42 - 5:58 Autumn Sky Morrison is the live painter who will be in town
- 21:49 -22:06 Jay and Shaun's Evolved Dome

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Epic Artwalk + First Thursday = WIN!

First of all, a HUGE thanks to Art Proctor (@ajproc) from ArtWalkWithArt - he's been volunteering his time to march people around Calgary, illuminating the mind and bringing joy to the soul for a year now!

Thanks to Mark MacG from Calgary Outdoor Club - he's been an a tireless supporter of the arts and participant at Endeavor from the first days.

Thanks to Phyl Stilez, or @outdoorphil as he is ubiquitously known at pretty much anything that is happening in #YYC.  If you want to find out what cool, crazy things are going on in Calgary, just follow this guy around for a day.

These three guys made the September 1st First Thursday Artwalk a huge success!  They rotated 3 groups of 15-20 people through our gallery, where we had artist talks, food, drinks and even a poetry reading.  These guys don't get paid for this, so I hope everyone who's participated takes a moment to extend a heartfelt thanks to them.

Thanks also to our 6 artists in attendance last night, John from Manuka Forge Studio (creator of the amazing Manuka Throne), Patricia, Joey (innovative photographer and creator of the the Reflections of Society series), Leilia, Koos Martha and our poet, Dee Fontans.

We try our best to make each First Thursday event compelling and illuminating, but we're inspired by our participants!  Please join us next month and we'll see what new experience we can bring.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Manuka Throne

We have an amazing functional piece of art made by one of our artists, John, from the Manuka Forge, I've dubbed it the Manuka Throne.

Just sitting in the Manuka Throne is a transcending experience. Not only do you look like royalty, but the chair gives you a very real sensation of being connected to everything around you, and there's a good reason why - it was designed that way!

Notice the feet, how wide and spread out - this gives them a large surface area to absorb movement from the floor, and the back that reaches up and sweeps into the air - this gives the chair a bit of a tuning fork effect. Even very minute movements are absorbed through the feet and are translated into small vibrations that you feel through your back and hands. 

Come by, sit in this amazing work of engineering and art, close your eyes, relax, and feel your environment. It gives you the amazing sensation of almost having another sense.

More images here:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bridal gown as art...

Some of you may know our gallery is mostly booked for weddings, so far anyway, lately used for photo shoots as well. Photographer Tara Whittaker did a shoot, and here is the dress used for it... as art. Thanks Tara for sharing these pics!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kinetic Art

We have seen some incredible kinetic art, some in San Francisco. One of our artists George Duncan has some really cool pieces, like this one here, meant for people to play with and create their own design along with other sculptures we have at gallery.

ring in motion
We just found this German artist, Michael Berger, he makes kinetic rings! check it out. Not only they look great but they have motion...

This ring also also very cool. Gear Ring by Kinekt Design here is the video:

Any more artists in Calgary that do kinetic art? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Coffee Maker!

It's not very often I get this excited about something as mundane as a coffee maker, but this one is special! It's a vacuum brewer that I picked up from the Green Beanery! (Which, by the way is a really cool company to buy coffee stuff from.)

So why am I so excited? Despite using technology invented over 160 years ago, it makes an amazing cup of coffee. Despite all of our amazing advances in the last 50 years, despite the incredible advances and passion around the specific field of making coffee (is there a term for that?), that THIS device can do it better than all that, and look bloody cool in the process.

Here are some of the features of these amazing devices:
- water is heated to the ideal temperature (not too hot or cold!) before being introduced to the grounds
- the water is drawn through the filter quickly due to the vacuum from the cooling action of the reservoir, so the brew won't get too bitter
- cloth filters are used to allow oils to stay in the coffee
- ends up with one of the cleanest (sediment free) cups of coffee you'll ever have
- extremely sciencey!

Here's some great pics of vacuum brewers - tell me you don't want to taste something made from this bad boy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

Check this cool coffee maker, we'll be trying it soon!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Call to geeks!

Endeavor Arts is looking for innovative projects created by the local geek community!  These can be hardware or software, artistic or technical, or anywhere in between.  Once we have a library of projects, we'll be notifying participants of upcoming events at Endeavor Arts where the projects might be appropriately displayed.  Visual / interactive projects especially appreciated!

Some suggestions for project types might be:

  • Kinect hacks
  • Robotics
  • Arduino (or other microprocessor) projects
  • LED's!  (We love blinky things!)
Our first showing of projects will be at our Geek Movie Night, but I'm sure we'll find other opportunities as we come up with other events.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About Alexandra Ianculescu

Have to say, it was really refreshing to meet her last night. She's a speed skater, only 19 yrs old, her goal? To be a gold medalist in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!


Her energy and passion for what she does is quite contagious and we look forward to
supporting her and working with her on a few projects!

If you don't know her story yet check her website